In-House Production Capability (PQR Service)

Personalized, Quick, Reasonable

Client needs drove the development of an internal production capability at Heads Up. We recognized that many/most of our clients called often with last minute requests - usually for a few recognition items that someone had forgotten to order or for quick recognition of some special effort or accomplishment. When we were able to meet these last minute requests, the client ended up paying 3-4 times more than if there had been appropriate lead time. Once we finally realized that these orders were not aberrations, but common business patterns, we made a strategic decision that it would be a great service to be able to offer (small quantity) last minute items at regular prices - to our regular clients. Accordingly, in 2002, Heads Up developed an internal production capability to produce an array of customized and personalized items. The first items that we geared up for were plaques - the most common last minute request we had been receiving. With the client's logo on file we could produce, in any number of colors, handsome plaques that could be shipped within hours of the order, if necessary. Other product examples are acrylic awards, personalized mouse pads, plastic signage, (business card) paperweights, puzzles, apparel, and a host of other items.

We quickly realized that our new capability had much wider applicability than we had originally recognized - the ability to do a range of (1) Personalized items, (2) Quickly, and at (3) Reasonable prices - the Heads Up PQR Service. It is well known that people like personalized items, and that the best time for recognition is as close to the event as possible. The PQR Service had enabled us to create a variety of cost-effective sales and recognition programs that would not otherwise have been cost-effective:

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