About Heads Up Specialties

Differentiation through Creativity & Administrative Support for client branding.

Heads Up is a branding support organization with an “Agency” mentality.  Our best client relationships find us positioned as an extension of a client's marketing department.  We do not expect our clients to be aware of the universe of over 800,000 items available to Heads Up, and therefore we consider it a waste of the client’s time to try to identify products or tie together event themes with (meaningful, fresh, effective) product support items - all of which need to maintain consistency with the client's brand strategy.  Our client-recognized creativity positions us to add our greatest value in assisting the client’s staff with the development of taglines/themes/messages for identity branding, product launches, promotions, conventions, dedications, meetings, and incentives of all kinds – developed interchangeably with product support in mind.  We brainstorm with client personnel at the conceptual level and then use our creativity and knowledge of the vast range of products available to develop various themes that would be appropriate for the client’s purpose, and consistent with brand strategy.  Sometimes a pre-determined theme will drive the product support and other times the presence of a unique product will be significant enough (and related enough) to drive the theme for an event.  In either situation we develop possible product strategies and present them to the client.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive administrative support for our clients including total artwork support, warehousing, fulfillment, and numerous online services.

Other components of the Heads Up Specialties offering are:

1.      Client-Branded Special-Use Websites
2.      In-House Production Capability
3.      Client-Branded Web-Based Incentive Redemption Program
4.      Presentation Viewer
5.      Heads Up Specialties Partnership Program

To learn the complete offering of Heads Up Specialties, contact Dan Paxton toll-free at 866-814-6841.